Monday, September 14, 2009

Money Comes In Where Sweat Goes

Take it easy, they say. How wrong could they get?

Easy is the word that plagues many of us and we are blissfully unaware of this. We don’t want to work hard but yet we creave for things that are made possible only to those who work hard for it. We know it all, we don’t do a damned thing about it.

Money is confusing for a lot of people; they have no idea about what they want to do with it when they have it and when they don’t have it, they despair. Everything else in between is even more vague.

Here’s the principle: There is all the money in the world if you want it; it’s just that you have to sacrifice your sweat for it. Apart from the really successful entrepreneurs you and I are aware of, there are many more people I know who are a living testimony to that fact. They put in long hours and they follow “delayed gratification”. They sacrifice fun, family and relaxation just so that they can hit the nail home.

Money comes in where sweat goes. Without sweat equity, there can be no enterprise. No sweat, nothing is ever sweet.

You got to start by working hard and then find ways to accomplish your tasks in a smart manner. By doing it well and optimizing your efforts, you can establish a system which will form an enterprise. This is what entrepreneurship is all about, isn’t it?

No matter what you are currently doing in life, please do sweat it out. Without that, you will walk out of that door with nothing in your hand but shame that comes from incompetence.

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